Cloud Boot for Aquaflask Tumblers

Cloud Boot for Aquaflask Tumblers


Elevate your flask game with our Cloud set! ☁️🌈 This incredible package includes a Custom Cloud Boot and FREE vinyl stickers to jazz up your flask. Let your creativity soar and make your flask truly one-of-a-kind! Get your Cloud set now and add a touch of magic to your sips! 🌟🍹

Please note that the actual product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting.

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Color: Cumulo (White), Nimbus (Gray), Cirrus (Pink)
Weight: 50 grams
Thickness: Approx. 4mm
Material: TPU (Flexible)

Inner Dimensions
Small (14oz - 22oz)

Diameter: 74.5mm
Height: 45.6mm
Medium (32oz - 40oz)
Diameter: 91.5mm
Height: 45.6mm

✅ Cumulo Aquaflask Boot x1
✅ Sun Waterproof Vinyl Sticker x1
✅ Moon Waterproof Vinyl Sticker x1

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